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  • Hi all,

    Im noob when it comes to wireless, but I'm familar with UNIX/Linux stuff, so I decided to build myself a firewall.

    I choose ALIX board 3 LAN 1 Mini PCI, USB

    I need some help with other stuff like mini wireless card, what to choose? I was looking Wistron CM9, but im not shure witch cable I need to connect it..what is the difference of using one or two antenas? The card works 2,4 and 5Ghz, does this mean that I need dual band antennas or one antenna for each band? Are pcengines enclosures drilled for one or two antennas?

    Thank you for the help,


  • The CM9 is fine. I use them in all my WRAPs and ALIXs. You can live with one antenna though 2 antennas will work a bit better when using diversity. You only can use one band at a time (either a or b/g). I use a with b/g antennas but it of course would be better to have an optimized anntenna that handles a better. Depends on the range you need of course.

    The cases will come with one hole prepared:

    You'll need this cable:
    Antennaoptions: (b/g) or (a/b/g; nice that one must be new :) )

  • thank you for informative reply..I will go with one antenna then, since I need coverage only in my house.

  • Checkout the pfSense blog.  They have a parts list of all the stuff you need.

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