Gateway group faiover

  • When trying to setup gateway groups with different tier and put the failover_gw as the route for * on a interface (eg. LAN) it just do a bandwidth balancing.

    Any one know why?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Need a lot more detail to say anything – please show at least your gateway group configuration, gateway status, and LAN rules

  • my setup should be like this:

    WWAN is the primary connection, WAN is the line it should fail over too.

  • AnyOne?

  • What is your gateway group trigger level?

  • my GW-Trigger ip packet loss 20%

    …... This is not correct, have tested some more and found that the shaper does just what i want it to" I might think i found the reason, but NOT the solution…. The shaper, i have just reinstalled a box, set failover up, testet fine, set trafic shaper up and then it used default GW. …... but the rest would still be nice

    it would be nice if it was possible to set a GW group as default GW or maby like making a list of GW´s

    I am NOT a programmer but i an good at brainstorming (lacy people often get the smartest idea´s)

    I think, something like the interface tap, you can add another item to the list when you need it, and with sub items if it is a loadbalance GW…

    some thing like this

    | |Type | |Interface | |Trigger type (when to set interface to DOWN) | |Trigger level |
    | |gateway | |WAN_1 | |packet loss | |20% |
    | |load balance | |Group | |packet loss | |20% |
    | |    >>>> | |Interface | |weight | | |
    | |    >>>> | |WAN_2 | |5 | | |
    | |    >>>> | |WAN_3 | |1 | | |
    | |gateway | |WAN_2 | |packet loss | |20% |
    | |gateway | |WAN_3 | |packet loss | |20% |

    this is a example.
    i prefe to use WAN_1 as my GW
    if WAN_1 is down i like to load share between WAN_2 and WAN_3 witch is slow
    if WAN_2 or WAN_3 is down try them individually.

    OR maby it would be nicw to just be able to chose a GW Group as Default GW

  • now i have deployed the traffic shaping and added a proxy in transparent mode, then it want to use the default GW again

    Again my suggestion from former post, being able to set a GW group as default GW

    (I am using squid3)

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