Extract Files from Embedded Image

  • I am very very raw in this field. Is there any way that I can extract the files from Embedded pfsense Image? I have made some changes as per my environment. Now I need to upgrade and document. I need to extract the files from the original IMAGE file…..

    How should I proceed?

    Thanks in Advance.

  • The easiest way is to enable ssh (system>advanced) and using something like http://winscp.net to logon with sftp (user root, password <webguipassword>) to fetch grab the data. If you only need single files you could download them at diagnostics>command (download button).</webguipassword>

  • Thanks Hoba… I will try and let you know, if I have some difficulties. I remember once, I tried using WINSCP, but it was giving error, if I am not wrong... I will try and let you know the outcome. Thanks a lot for your immediate response.

  • It is working perfect. Thanks a lot… This is just what I want...

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