NAT forward in the same interface with vlan

  • Helo,

    I have a little box with pfsense and i hava a problem with NAT in this situation:
    Lan (rl1 in VLAN 10)–->  |pfSense  | -->  Wan (rl0)
    Opt1(rl1 in VLAN 20)---> |________|

    I wanted forward traffic in Lan (TCP 80) to Local Squid (,80) and traffic in Opt1 (TCP 80) to external host (a.b.c.d). I make 2 rules in NAT but don't work. Only work the first rule. The second rule is don't executed.
    In this rule i setting a correct interface for each rule (lan e opt1).

    Any idea ?


    Obs: Network in Lan ( VLAN 10)
          Network in opt1( VLAN 20)

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