Youtube acting weird over dual-wan

  • I've got a dual wan setup over pfsense, 10mbit cable and 10mbit dsl
    I've had to add a couple custom firewall LAN rules to make traffic to two message forums go over WAN1failtoWAN2 instead of LoadBalance because of weird session errors, and now I'm thinking LoadBalance might be causing my youtube issues

    most of the time when I try to load a youtube video, the page loads very quickly, but the video stalls quite a while, not loading at all.. you can see browser trying to talk to various * servers… then once it finally starts loading, it downloads the video extremely quickly.  its the initial lag time of 30seconds-1 minute that are aggravating

    sometimes the videos load instantly, those are usually seeming to load from

    but ones from these "city" servers seem to always lag quite a while

    is this just standard youtube lag or might it be caused by a dual-wan setup, like youtube seeing request from the "wrong" ip and they are forced to timeout, then the next connection request goes out over the "correct" wan pipe and then starts downloading quickly?

  • Haven't noticed that on my office 3 wan setup. You easily can check this though by going to diagnostics>states. Do your youtube test from a workstation and unse the filter box on that page to only show states for the one IP of the client you test with. You'll see what connections go out which WAN there.

  • Did you find any solution for your problem? I remember, when I first tried loadbalancing in March, I did not have problems with youtube. So who changed anything, youtube or I? I changed a lot due to other problems….


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