Network Speed Settings for PPPoE in Traffic Shaper Wizard 1st Page

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    Note: PPPOE users should take into account PPPOE overhead and put a lower speed here.

    It may be a stupid question, but isn't the PPPoE overhead already covered by the reduced MTU setting of 1492?

    If that's a completely different story, how to calculate this reduction? I have a WAN speed of 15996 Kbits/s download and 999 Kbits/s upload.

  • From experience it's about 75% give-or-take of the brutto speed.

    Here in switzerland the DSL ISP's had a precedence case where they where forced to sell the netto-speed and not the brutto-speed.
    Since then they sell 768 kbps as 600, the 4200kbit as 3500 kbit, etc.

    Without doing speedtest you cant really say how much speed you effectively have.

  • The mentioned 15996 Kbit/s down and 999 Kbits/s up are shown in the Tilgin Vood 452w DSL-modem's status screen for its WAN connection, so that's prettty much as advertised.

    I just don't want to reduce the available bandwidth by setting wrong down/up values on the first page of the traffic shaper wizard.

  • Do a speedtest and watch status>trafficgraph. Then use these values -70 kbit/s in the trafficshaper. That should usually work. If you are too close to the speed your link can handle you might still have some peaks that overrun your limit if new traffic jumps in from my experience.

  • Ok, I just performed a speedtest ftp down- & upload. Download maxes out at steady 14.28 Mbps, upload does at around 900 Kbps (although it was quite a bit jumpy, not like download, which pretty much was clued to 14.28 Mbps), as shown by Status->TrafficGraph.

    So I will try 14552 Kbps for download, and 830 Kbps for upload.

    What would be the way to check afterwards, if these values are fine for my connection?

  • Depends on what you ticked on the wizardscreens. Try to use some application that you assigned high priority and at the same time try to saturate the link with some low priority traffic. Your high priority traffic should not see too much of an impact by the other traffic.

  • Hi guys! Trying to figure out the traffic shaper, does it mean that if I have 2000 kbits download I have to deduct at least 70 kbits to set the correct value?

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