Loadbalance does not work.

  • gsm2 modem, IP …40.10 (static) (directly by cable) -> WAN2 IP ...40.1  |
                                                                                                                    |-> LAN IP .... 4.0/24  (dhcp)
    gsm1 modem, IP ...50.10 (static) (trought switch)    > WAN1 IP ...50.1  |

    After adding multiwan gw groups, and firewall rules got working gateway monitoing on remote IP (google DNS).
    Loadbalancing TIER 1 for WAN1 & WAN2 do not work. When i plug off cable from WAN1, failover does not work.
    Maybe problem is that i'm trying get internet from same switch where i have dhcp for lan users ?
    Maybe i should make VLAN for gsm2 and WAN2 interface, and turn on dhcp at gsm2 ?

    pfsense 2.1.5 x64

    ![loadbalance does not work.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/loadbalance does not work.jpg_thumb)
    ![loadbalance does not work.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/loadbalance does not work.jpg)

  • anyone ?

  • Are you running any packages?  Squid?

  • When you say "failover does not work" what do you mean specifically?

    You may have a firewall rule preventing traffic from the LAN routing over the other WAN connection.  Can you verify that a client on the LAN can route successfully out of both WAN connections?  I usually hit something like checkip.dyndns.org to see where I'm routing out of.

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