Snort dual-WAN Hack

  • For those of you beating your heads against the "No snort on dual-wan setups" issue, here's what I've cobbled together to meet my needs - get pfSense to run an instance of Snort per interface.  Hope you find it useful.

    The current pfSense Snort configuration 'appears' to support a dual-wan setup; you're able to select multiple interfaces, no errors or warnings, but alas when you start the service, no luv.  A little digging shows that the selection of multiple interfaces results in a Snort start command that looks something like this:

    'snort -i xl1 -i xl2'

    where the -i arg signifies an interface and 'xl1' and 'xl2' are interface names.  Unfortunately, Snort doesn't like that / doesn't accept multiple interfaces per instance.  What does this mean?  In a crude fashion it means you have to run two instances of snort if you have two WAN interfaces; one instance per interface.  Something like:

    'snort -i xl1'  and 'snort -i xl2'

    Just a bit more background and I'll get to the good stuff. pfSense uses a script called /usr/local/pkg/ to automatically generate a Snort startup script (/usr/local/etc/rc.d/  In order to get pfSense to start an instance of Snort per WAN interface, modify as follows:

      1. On approx line 80, define a empty array called $snortInterfaces
      1. On approx line 90, push each interface into $snortInterfaces
      1. On approx line 120, foreach entry in the $snortInterfaces array,
          generate a start command for a unique instance of snort.
      1. Additionally, add a sleep/delay before starting each instance to give the
        prior instance a chance to start  … seems to help.
    • This setup does NOT always work. In particular snort often fails to start on a  reboot.  I usually chk to see if things are ok by looking at the memory usage.

    • Seems to take about 240 MB of memory per instance with 75% of the ruleset enabled.

    • I've attached my file in case anyone wonders what the hell I'm talking about.  You can search for the tag '-gtm' to see my changes.


  • Excellent work!  I've commited your changes.

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