Setting up WiFi on a SG-4860

  • Can someone point me to a step by step set of instructions for activating and configuring the 2T2R wireless card on a new SG-4860? I've got the "pfSense the definitive guide to version 2.1 " and the "802.11 wireless networks the definitive" guide by Gast.

    I am new to pfSense and this is a new piece of hardware.  I'm wasting a lot of time on trial and error (mostly error). I'm missing something (probably simple) but am getting nowhere .

    Thanks in advance!

  • How do you want to use it? Client, AP?

  • I'm trying to set it up as an AP.  A pretty conventional home installation with the ability to use Apple applications Air port etc. is what I have in mind.

    That is if I can get that far.  So far, I have not been able to have the card turn on at all.

    I am missing a step here or the card is not working.  I'm betting the former is true.

  • Thanks for all the help folks…

    I figured it out myself and now have the wifi card on the SG-4860 up if not yet fully configured to my satisfaction.

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