NAT and alias hosts… port forward traffic from source to multiple destination

  • Hi,

    I want to send traffic that comes on one defined WAN port to multiple clients on LAN side. I tried adding multiple hosts to alias, but packets are sent to only one client. What i'm doing wrong… or is there other solution.. ??


  • AFAIK NAT and Aliases don't work that way.

    It sounds like you want load balancing.

  • i have application on PC on pfsense LAN network that receives udp packets on port 10000 from client somewhere on internet. i use port forwarding from port 10000 on wan to port 10000 and IP address of PC with that application. But i want this application on other PC's too. So i need to redirect trafic from port 10000 on multiple IP's.. How can i do that ??

    thx in advance, G.

  • Banned

    You cannot.

  • well.. that is not good news…  :-\

    thanks for reply...

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