Bride Mode, Torrents, QOS, Scheduling…and all things nice.

  • Hi all, I'm new to this forum and have some questions I'm hoping to get some help with, I've looked at some of the Pfsense docs but I'm looking for answers on a particular setup, and what actual real world results are/would be!

    I've used Untangle in the past but no longer care for their pricing, and I'm aware that it's effectively Pfsense in a pretty dress.

    I'm a wireless ISP provider with 500+ online users at any given time, I have 10 internet circuits which I currently load balance through a Mikrotik router. I previously tried Untangled and had this working in bridge mode.

    I would like to use pfsense in bridge mode and keep my mikrotik router in place for the balancing. I also have a separate vlan for a hotspot network that I run on my mikrotik.

    My questions are:

    1. I currently generate round 250mb traffic at peak times, would a high end 2ghz CPU desktop (dual LAN) suffice?
    2. Would I have any issues passing vlan traffic if I have pfsense in bridge mode?
    3. Untangled had a scheduler option where I could say no torrents between certain hours, does pfsense include a scheduler that would accomplish this?
    4. How effective is pfsense at recognizing torrents? Would I need to use layer 7 DPI for it to be effective?
    5. Majority of my customers stream IPTV, is there a simple way to prioritize IPTV(many different sources)?

    All of this in bridge mode…

    Any help much appreciated.

  • So I've now setup pfSense on my VMware ESXi, I've added to LAN's to the VM, one is my default LAN vswitch, and the second is a dedicated "WAN" uplink vswitch which plugs directly into my mikrotik, both vswitches are set with promiscuous mode enabled, I've then bridged my LAN and WAN on the pfsense server and have assigned an IP to the bridge, I've created a floating firewall rule for now which allows all traffic.

    Everything works except the vlan traffic, the physical switch connecting the port to the ESXi vswitch is set to pass the vlans. When I remove the pfsense bridge my vlan's work as intended, the moment I re-introduce pfsense in the middle the vlans stop, all other default vlan traffic is fine and passing.

    Under the interface options on pfsense I have added the vlan's however it does not allow you to select the bridge interface, it only lets you choose either the lan or wan nics, so I've added the vlan's to both.

    Any ideas? Anyone have any similar issue or could perhaps offer some help?


    Just to add to this, "block private addresses" are unchecked for all interfaces.

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