SDSL or cable or ADSL for small remote office

  • Hello,

    The company I work for is about to open a 3 person office about 1 mile away. I intend to use PFSense to connect it to the main office for file shares and Exchange.

    The main office has your basic T1 internet connection with 8 users.

    My question is would I be best served with
    1. 1.5 SDSL
    3.ADSL with 5/512 connection

    I'm not able to buy a T1 for the remote office.

  • For office to office connections I would go with a symetric line if possible. You have to consider that the upstream of one location is the downstream of the other one. So for example if you have 2x that ADSL 5/512 you would only have a 512/512 link between the offices.

  • Thought so.

    Thanks for the input.

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