How do you debug routing issues?

  • OK I have a pfSense VM that is routing 8 vlan together.  It's been work perfectly.  This week I added a 9th VLAN.  For some odd reason the new VLAN can't connect to the Internet, like the other 8 VLANS.  I used the same rules as one of the other vlans,  also set it to log the traffic it allowed.  It shows the traffic passing, but the machines on the vlan can't connect to the outside Internet.  They can talk to other computers in the other 8 VLAN but not the Internet.

    I looked at the Routing tables and they look right.  So what else can I do to debug this?

    I attached a pic of the routing table, the one that is not working is

  • check nat

  • ::)  That was it, thanks.

    I feel stupid now.

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