PPPOE WAN drops.Reboot needed to work again

  • Hello.
    I am using the latest version of pfsense on a box that used to run pfsense again before two years.
    The NIC's are INTEL Pro 100.
    My WAN is connected to a vdsl router configured for bridge, and pfsense does the PPPOE connection.
    Some days ago,before connecting the VDSL line i had a ADSL line again via bridge/pppoe.

    The problem is the same in both cases.When i max out the connection, (via speedtest.net lets say) the wan interface drops. (red down arrow,with no IP)

    I have read about apinger, and disabled the monitoring in WAN interface. (also created a cron job to restart it every 3 minutes)
    Also i have read about the auto-negotiation setting to default, but in only appears in "normal interfaces"(when you configure the interface to be used as pppoe, there is not negotiation setting).

    1. Is there a way to force the autonegotiation setting  via cli?
    2. Do you think it might be something else ,that i have to look?

    My regards

  • Any thoughts on this?
    My regards.

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