Wake On LAN does not work on pfSense Box

  • Have a Shuttle DS57u installed with pfSense (latest version), works fine, but
    ... have a problem with Wake On LAN and Google/Forum Search didn't help.

    On System Shutdown (shortly pressing the power button or using "Halt System") pfSense seems to switch off all network interfaces.
    System goes offline and the network status led at my LAN switch turns completely off.
    So after a regular shutdown i am unable to turn on the system via Wake On LAN.

    The Wake On LAN feature is configured correctly in the system BIOS and works fine!
    After power loss or after i pressed the power button for longer time (turns system of without shutdown) the network interface is still on (network status led at my LAN switch stays on) and the system switches on and boots correctly after a Wake On LAN package.

    So the question is: How can i tell pfSense to NOT switch of the LAN interface on shutdown?
    Would be a good idea (to me) to do this only for the LAN interface and not for the WAN to prevent others from switching my firewall on.

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