Can't log into my PFSense

  • I am trying to access my PFSense account to adjust some settings and it's not taking my username and password. I am accessing the page by my default WAN IP address but when I enter my username and password it's not taking.

    I am trying to access my cameras by my dyndns account host pointed to my IP address but getting "Potential DNS rebind attack detected" when I try to access my cameras. I know there's some settings in there that I can turn off to take care of this. I am also unable to access my FTP server because this is being blocked as well.

    Any ideas?

  • "Any ideas?"

    1. Enter the correct user credentials.

    2. If the WAN IP address is DHCP assigned, perhaps it is no longer is yours.

    3. Try to establish an SSH console session.

    1. Use the physical console and reset the credentials to something you know.

  • Well I don't have the physical console. I switched ISPs to a new ISP and ever since then when I try to access my dynamic dns hosts to get to my FTP server and cameras it doesn't let me. It either says "DNS rebind attack" or takes me to this PFSense login page.

    It seems like this new ISP from what I gathered is using PFSense and it's conflicting with the firewall at my house. I need to get into it to change some of these settings so I can access my devices again.

  • Are you trying to access it by hostname or IP address?  IIRC, a DNS Rebind attack gets triggered when you try to access the pfSense WebGUI using a hostname other than what it thinks it is.

  • Let me explain exactly what's going on.

    I run a business and have my servers/cameras/ftp etc setup on a dynamic dns address that auto updates my IP if it changes. My old ISP provider was horrible (barely 1mb down) and I found someone that offers 30mbps. So I went with them. Before I changed, I could access all my cameras etc through port forwarding in my netgear router. This new ISP company (hes real new, 1 man show) basically uses PFSense on his main box wherever his office is, and then installs it onto his wifi devices that he installs at peoples houses. I'm guessing that's how he controls his clients and cuts them off if they don't pay.

    Problem is he doesn't know what to do because he doesn't have many IT related customers like me (I'm a net engineer). What's happening is this:

    When I access my dynamic dns (which points to my WAN IP supplied by the new ISP) it sends me straight to his PFSense login page for the device he has on my roof that brings internet to my house (rual area). If I type in my WAN ip directly, it just goes to his PFSense login page (it should bring up my ftp or cameras depending on what port I type in). Before he started messing with his settings, my dynamicdns address would pop up as a DNS rebind attack coming from PFSense. I asked him to temp disable it and I think he did but now it just goes directly to his login page. So PFSense is taking precedence over my netgear firewall in my house. I need to separate his firewall from mine so my port forwarding settings take precedence and not his. I was thinking about making a PFSense box in my house and just ditching the netgear I have now and setting up a VLAN between his pfsense and mine to see if that will fix it.

    I hope this makes somewhat sense and is not too confusing. Any suggestions?

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    I need to separate his firewall from mine so my port forwarding settings take precedence and not his.

    LULz… Amusing idea. You can separate that by disconnecting the cable and connecting to someone else. Other than that, there's no way in hell you could port-forward anything without configuring the firewall in front of yours accordingly.

  • I understand that. That's why I'm here. I've messed around with PFSense a little bit in the past, but not lately. I have a spare box laying around that I'm going to eventually setup at my home office with PFSense.

    What do we need to configure on his PFSense side, so it won't conflict with my netgear side?

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    You need either admin password or the ISP's pfSense box removed. Instead of getting your LAN behind double NAT.

  • If I get the admin password figured out can be something be changed on the pfsense box to make it work?

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