Ipsec Status page not available

  • Configuration Supermicro atom 4 gigs ram, AMD 64 BIT new install but restored config files

    Started getting crash reports Friday.  Tunnels drop out.  Then cannot access IPSEC status page.  Log file shows ongoing activity.
    Crash report begins.  Anonymous machine information:

    FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE-p9 #0 57b23e7(releng/10.1)-dirty: Mon Apr 13 20:30:25 CDT 2015    root@pfs22-amd64-builder:/usr/obj.amd64/usr/pfSensesrc/src/sys/pfSense_SMP.10

    Crash report details:

    PHP Errors:
    [10-May-2015 12:18:25 EST5EDT] PHP Fatal error:  Maximum execution time of 900 seconds exceeded in /etc/inc/xmlparse.inc on line 89

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