L2TP/IPSec didn't work well

  • I have set up an L2TP/IPsec VPN configuration on my pfsense.But it only worked partially.
        Originally ,the pfsense box  lan interface connects to a lan network and the wan interface connects to a switch.I set up the vpn ,so the other computers directly connected to the switch (considered in the same subnet with wan interface) will have access to the Lan source.
        Here is the problem:I use a macbook as the client ,and it connected to the VPN server I set up on pfsense.I can ping through the Lan network. But  somehow I couldn't open the webconfiguration page using VPN on the macbook on a webbrowser.when I set up the vpn using PPTP ,it can open the  webconfiguration page.
        Anyone got any idea what's wrong?It has bothered me for serveral days.

  • Will anyone help me figure it out?Much thanks!

  • I enable mobile clients on ipsec tab,is it possible that I have set something wrong in the rules->IPSec tab?

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