Limiters incorrect speed???

  • Hello here is some background my isp is a wisp that uses ubiquitis air fiber for its equipment and it works great I live in a rural farming area and I get 12mbps down and 4mbps up with a really low ping im happy with it but I recently discovered that my firewall/router which is a firebox that I put pfsense on , the limiters are messing up my bandwidth I been using pfsense limiters for years with no problems before i was using a wisp but for some reason I do now. the download limiter seems to work for the most part but when I set a upload limiter it never seems to limit at the correct speed. if i set the limiter to 9000 kbps the client will get a little under 1mbps always a little under 1mbps no matter what i set the limiter to. until i completely turn off the limiter in firewall rules then I get my complete 4mbps for upload. I hope this can be solved I cant imagine going to another firewall/router appliance

  • If you are setting your upload limiter to 9000 kbps and getting just under 1 mbps it's doing exactly what you set it to do.

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    WTF is mb? Millibit? Kindly use some meaninful units especially when talking about limiters and speed.

  • sorry about the confusion. if i set the limiter to 2Mbit/s upload or anything else I get 0.09 Mbit/s Upload but if i take off the limiter in firewall rules i get my full 4 Mbit/s Upload. I suspect something weird is going on here.

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