How priority selective protocols?

  • Hello Folks,
    I have some doubs with Traffic Shapper.

    I have run the Traffic Shapper Wizard, in the last step, I have selected the "Other Protocols" and I have left default selected.

    Now, I need to give priority some protocols of the qlandef/qwandef. My strategy has been to create a new queue for each protocol to give priority. At this new queue I set a bandwith that I rest of the qlandef/qwandef and I assign priority. So, the sum of the bandwith percentage of the all queues must be 100 %.

    On the other hand, I don't understand the UpperLimit and RealTime values If I setup all queues with the percentage bandwith value.
    Could somebody help me with some example to use this values together?

    Thanks in advance!!

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