Setting Static IP for WAN interface

  • Currently working on setting up the network for a customer moving into a new building. We have a static IP address for the WAN port. Everything works great with the $40 NAT WiFi router. A windows 2012 server provides DNS and DHCP.

    The trouble is when I switch over to our new pfSense appliance, I see spotty performance depending on the URL I'm trying to access. I suspect that I'm not specifying the IP address correctly.

    The ISP provides the subnet mask of and the IP address along with the gateway. So what should the /n be in the Wan Static IP setting?  The options are 1-32 (if memory serves) in the dropdown. I'm not sure if this would be the CIDR notation or what.

    Thanks for the assistance and any other thoughts that might explain why I can get to some websites, but not others using the basic setup wizard.

  • Helpful site to bookmark in a jam:

    Your mask bits would be /30.

  • Thanks Tim,

    That is a great subnet-calculator. I had looked at others. Like others coming up to speed on pfsense I was looking at the drape 2.1 book, but at the specifics for setting the IP address. It was pretty terse. Well, I was just looking in the wrong place I suppose.

    Your comment prompted me to search for mask in the same document and I found the section, Understanding CIDR Subnet Mask Notation, which of course makes it clear that CIDR is the default means of specifying a subnet …

    Thanks again. I wish I was still at the customer site to test it!


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