Utter newbie desperate help please no Internet

  • I am helping a friend:  a HP dx 2400: E4500 (2.4 GHz), 160 GB sata hard drive, 2GB RAM, motherboard has a realtek gigabit Ethernet & Samsung recent dvd writer. I installed the previous mentioned Intel based HP

    mentioned gigabit Ethernet card into a spare pci slot.
    Then installed the latest pfsense - using auto detection for the Ethernet, rebooted, went as normal instructions via a different computer to a web log in using Followed through the

    wizard (DHCP is set as default), then my wan IP is (which is wrong i.e. invalid) & has a up green arrow. My lan has an internal 192….. IP. I cannot connect to the internet & my ISP is

    virgin media cable 50 mbit. I cannot connect to the internet.
    My setup is cable modem -> tplink gigabit 8 port switch -> HP dx 2400 -> tplink gigabit 8 port switch -> my desktop & ASUS rtn66u wireless.
    How can I get a valid IP for for my wan?

  • You should get the IP for WAN per dhcp from your cable modem.

    Does the HP have an onboard card and did I understand right, that you tried to use the HP as a router? You should give it two cards, the onboard I would configure as WAN the ethernet card I would use as LAN. On most setups the onboard card would get named something like em0 and so on and the pci card similar em1. Important are the numbers, not the actual names.

    You can try to use SSH (putty.exe on windows or any linux/BSD terminal) and connect to port 22. There you will see a text menu. Type 1 for assign interfaces. Hit n when it asks you for VLANs. Then assign the interface numbered 0 by typing its full name you see at the list (e.g. em0) and let it configure via DHCP. Then set the interface numbered 1 as LAN, this will activate pfsense as firewall/NAT and will offer DHCP on this interface so any computer connected to a switch on this interface should get a 192.168.1.x IP and have access to the internet.

  • Said by: Waqar.UK
    "My setup is cable modem -> tplink gigabit 8 port switch -> HP dx 2400 -> tplink gigabit 8 port switch -> my desktop & ASUS rtn66u wireless."

    What?  Are you saying that both interfaces of pfSense (WAN and LAN) are plugged in to the same switch and with no VLANS?

    If so, that's not going to work.  Connect the pfSense WAN interface directly to the cable modem.

  • You are correct, I should directly connect the integrated Ethernet to cable modem as my wan & then connect the HP NC7170 PCI-X Dual Port 1000T Gigabit Server Adapter as my lan

  • And I thought you had two switches.

    It should go this way

    Cable Modem -> (first adapter, dhcp from cable) HP (second adapter provides dhcp for lan) -> switch -> rest of LAN

    A switch has always the same network unless it has VLANs setup but that's obviously not what you need.

  • Thanks to all. I got it working now.  8)

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