Migration to new device - interface names

  • Hi,

    I would like to migrate my router to a new device which of course has different NICs installed, so the names will differ.
    What do I need to consider in order to migrate my whole configuration to the new system?
    Can I just search & replace within the saved configuration file?

    Thank you very much!

  • You just need to backup and restore your configuration.
    The webConfigurator will notice the different drivers and make you remap your interfaces before rebooting.

    The only gotcha is if you are getting the config from a different architecture.  Check the auto update URL and make sure it matches the architecture of the new platform after it reboots.  That one bit me once.  Now I check.

  • You mean if going from x86 to amd64? This is what I plan to do. Is this a no go?
    Maybe I should mention that I'm working heavily with VLAN 8021q. Will the wizard figure this out, too?

  • If you already know the driver tags, you can just do a search & replace instead of reassigning NICs.  For example, to go from Intel E1000 to VMX3, search & replace 'em0' with 'vmx0', 'em1' with 'vmx1' etc.

  • I had a good experience migrating a customer firewall from a Soekris x86 box to a SG-2440. 
    I didn't have any of the queuing or shaping features configured on that box.  The upgrade went well.

    The webConfigurator is "braindead" according to doktornotor.  If you have configured manually in your x86 configuration to pull firmware updates from the x86 URL, then that configuration will persist.  Just make sure you review it before 2.2.3 is released, otherwise you have the chance of taking your 64-bit box back to 32-bit pfSense.  It's a pain in the butt.  There's a redmine ticket to fix it.

    Just for completeness…

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