HP- 2524 Switches and Carp!!!!

  • So…. I've been playing with pfsense for a number of years without really being an active member.

    Today we deployed a 2 box failover PFsense based on Dell R200's with Intel 4 port, Intel 2 port + onboard 2 port Broadcom, and we suffered horrible packet loss.....

    Eventually I found a single post (through google not here) about HP2524 switches (we have two set up as failover!) that can't cope with carp and more than one fake mac address.... i.e.vlans

    So I've just done some testing and found as long as I don't have two seperate vlans with carp running then they cope.

    Just thought the forum, could do with the post. Tomorrow we will be changing the switchs any recommendations that don't include the c**** word.


    Richard Passman

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