WAN not getting ip address from ISP

  • Hardware:
    Brand New sys-5018a-ftn4
    8GB Memory
    60GB SSD
    Brand New Surfboard SB6183 modem
    ISP is Cox Communications

    so i just bought the above new system and hooked it all up and installed pfsense 2.2.2 on it. install went good no problems. i did have to call ISP to register my modem so i could get internet through it. i also had ISP do a flush on the DHCP for it as well.

    everything works on this system but the WAN will not pick up a ipv4 address from the ISP DHCP. now i have hooked up the modem direct to my desktop and my desktop picks up a valid ip address. so i know the modem is working like it should.

    i have also powered down the system and modem and plugged them back in to see if the modem would release and renew its ip address but that didnt work.

    i have also rotated the WAN port around to each of the 4 front ethernet ports to see if it was a port problem and non of them picked up a ip address.

    in the bios of the system when i plug in the ethernet to the ipmi port the bios picks up a valid ip address from the modem.

    i have tried to get an ip with the v6 option on and off on the WAN page. that didnt work.

    i have reinstalled pfsense twice to see if it was an installation problem.

    the LAN dhcp works fine. i am able to get a ip and log into the web interface and change setting.

    the only thing that i have not tired is install ESXi and putting pfsense in a VM to see if that works.

    if anyone could help me out i would appreciate it. thank you

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    I would:

    Turn off the cable modem for 5 minutes.
    Turn it on again
    If pfSense doesn't obtain an IP address, call cox and tell them you got a new router and it's not receiving an IP address and do what they say.

    I don't know what it is with Cox and their DHCP but changing MAC addresses is a real pain in the butt.

    (You do have your WAN interface configured for DHCP right?)

    Another test is if you have any old router with a dhcp server you can plug your WAN into its LAN and watch it immediately get an address.

  • Post a packet capture of port 67 / 68 on the WAN interface when attempting to obtain IPv4 address from ISP DHCP.

    Diagnostics - Packet Capture
    Full Detail

  • The WAN is setup for DHCP and i did try it with IPv6 enabled and disabled to see if that would make a difference.

  • The packet capture shows a DHCP OFFER and DHCP ACK.  Both show private IPs.  Either enter in the MAC from your old router, or call COX and tell them you're changing your firewall, as Derelict said.  He's a smart guy.  Listen to him.  He knows what he's talking about.

  • ok i will call them. thank you so much for all the help. i appreciate it.

  • You'll probably need to give them your new WAN MAC address, which you can get from Status–Interfaces in the webConfigurator.
    Good luck!

  • i called them and now it has a valid ip. only other problem now is that i cant acces the web gui. i have the lan port plugged into a Dell Powerconnect 2748 switch and the the port is set to MDIX so i can get internet access but now i cant get into the web gui for some reason.

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    Do you get DHCP?
    Can you resolve names?
    Can you ping the pfSense interface address?

    Do all that while plugged directly into pfSense LAN.

    If it doesn't work at all, what are your firewall rules on LAN?

    If it works like that but doesn't when you're using your switch, the problem's in the switch.

  • i have internet to everything on the switch and i can ssh into pfsense through any computer. just for some reason i cant bring up the web gui. my firewall rules are just the stock setting. so all ipv4 and ipv6 traffic can go though the LAN port. i think it has to do with turning the the MDIX opt on  in the switch so that i can get internet through to the switch.  i did take a wireshark capture of my comptuer trying to access the web gui if that will help any.

  • I haven't look recently but isn't there an option on the console for turning on/off and restarting the Web GUI?  You might give that a try.

  • i did restart it and i also restart the whole system. it still didnt let me access it. thanks for that thought

  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-tlkN_pINKmUjVYTFYtRGF6QzA/view?usp=sharing

    there is a link to the wireshark capture that i got. thank you helping me.

  • Try http (port 80) instead of https (port 443).

  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-tlkN_pINKmcVBZYUVtNjg2SFU/view?usp=sharing

    it still didnt work. here is the capture of that transmission.

  • Well at least you're getting back an ack.

    Try resetting to factory defaults.  Console option 4.

  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-tlkN_pINKmMjc0X1RkZlVyV1U/view?usp=sharing

    i did a factory reset. i still cant access web gui. i can still ssh into pfsense though. i dont understand what is going on. above is the wireshark capture of the transmission

  • Try a different client and also a different browser.

  • wow got it with IE but google chrome wont let me access it. which is weird because i have always used GChrome to access it but now it wont let me. strange. thank you for the help. i appreciate it

  • You're welcome.  Just a troubleshooting 101 session.  Process of elimination.

  • Hello,
    I am having the same issue. Where my Wan IP shows as . And I have already contacted Cox about resetting the mac address. And it didn't fix it.

  • I know this is old but i had this problem, and it ending being a NIC issue. The Computer has 4 IGB intel nics, I had to add an intel EM nic and it fixed my problem for my WAN interface with Google fiber.

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