Port forwarding to additional IPs

  • Hi folks, sorry for the newbie question, coming from Vyatta..

    I have a /27 from ISP
    Port forwarding works fine on interface IP (WAN)

    However I cannot figure out how port forward from any other IP's in the block
    1:1 Nat works fine but I would like to utilize several services to different hosts from a particular IP

    I have tried with and without virtual IP
    I am setting up port forward rule as follows:

    Destination: Single Address: desired WAN IP (or VIP alias)
    Port(s) to forward
    Redirect target IP: LAN IP of host to forward to

    Do I need to modify anything in the auto generated filter rule?

    Thanks in advance for help

  • You just create the VIP and use it as the destination in the NAT rule. The auto-created rule should be fine.
    What kind of VIP are you using? Maybe try using a CARP VIP.

  • Was using IP alias.. I did read somewhere Proxy ARP IP type should be used when the IP's are in the same subnet, don't know if this is accurate or not.

    But anyway, problem was, traffic shaper was causing any changes to firewall/nat to not take effect until system reboot. Removed the shaper, and all is good now. Thanks!

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