Cannot open HTTP websites

  • Hi guys!

    I would just like to ask help on how to configure pfSense to allow accessing HTTP websites? As of the moment, only HTTPS websites are accessible.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Banned

    By not misconfiguring it. It works out of the box. Presumably, you installed some junk like Squid.  ::)

  • Actually, I did misconfigured it. The last thing I did was to add a Port Forward rule and now the HTTP website is not accessible anymore. Even if I deleted the Port Forward rule I made, still HTTP websites are still not accessible.

  • You have two choices:

    Reset to defaults. Configure your LAN interface and WAN interface.  Done.


    Post a screen shot of your LAN rules, WAN rules, and NAT port forwards, and hope someone can figure out what is still misconfigured.

  • I disabled the rules I created in the Firewell>Rules>LAN and the I am now able to access HTTP websites.

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