• I am very new on PFSense and although i have already figured other things out, this is literally making me crazy.

    Im sorry if i am already asking something that was asked before, im sure i am… but after searching on google and reading so much my head is about to blow now.
    I know this is easy, i know is not complicated, but after 3 hours of trying im almost gone crazy.

    I have a machine on the network under Debian that has a Cacher and OCS Inventory running. A lot of the network machines where i am working on run Ubuntu, and i dont want the OCS Server ip address shown on the sources.list, instead i want for example I dont know if this is relevant, but the machine IP address is Static through pfSense DHCP Server.

    DNS Forwarder seems to be the way to go, but after almost 3 hours of reading my head doesnt want to work anymore.

    I'd also like, if its not too much to ask, an explanation for somebody who only manages pfsense for 3 days, not something like a shortcut that would be obvious for most people.

    Thanks a lot and sorry for my frustration, i guess it happens sometimes. >:(

  • Can it be that the reason i cannot ping a hostname i want to ping is because i am under a VPN connection?
    I was able to do what i believe i wanted to do through Services>Ping… could ping the hostname instead of the actual Server's IP.

    Still, i cannot access the OCS Inventory webpage using the hostname, only with the ip, but since im with a VPN i really have no idea if that causes all of this.

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