Multi VLAN over LAN possible?

  • I have pfsense running and working well for some time. I am now looking to set up a multi vlan network to separate the servers and other equipment from general home network. I purchase a TL-SG2424 L2 switch. However, I am having difficulties getting the whole setup to work.

    The topology of the configuration is

    Internet –> pfsense box --> TL-SG2424 switch

    I am thinking to for instance put port 1-8 as VLAN10 for servers, port 24 as the uplink to pfsense, port 23 to another POE switch for security cameras that I'd like to put on a VLAN20. Then another port as guest wifi AP VLAN99. Rest can be general LAN use.

    Right now, pfsense is set to give out ip in subnet. I created the VLAN10 as a start and set it to the subnet. I also created NAT rule to allow outgoing traffic. However, after configuring the VLAN on the switch, I just can't seem to DHCP for an IP on port 1-8 no matter what I tried to change.

    At this point, I don't think it has to do with config on the switch, but it is still a possibility. I do however want to make sure my pfsense config is set correctly and complete.

    Need some help  :-\

  • Here are the screenshot of the settings.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Creating the VLAN is not enough.

    You need to go to Interfaces > (assign) and assign OPT1 to VLAN 10 on igb1 if you want the OPT1 interface to hit your switch tagged with VLAN 10.

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