Rack mount for SG-2440

  • Hi all,

    Sorry in advance if this has been answered before, but I searched the forums and Google but couldn't find any specific information.
    Some guy said it would be achievable with L-brackets (but I can't see any screw holes on the pictures) while another guy said it was impossible.

    So once and for all: Can the SG-2440 be rack mounted?

    The reason for asking is because the SG-2440 will be more than enough for my current need, but I really want to mount it in my rack and there's a 900 dollar difference for the C2758 1U which will also be totally overkill for my needs.

    Thanks in advance

  • There is no rack mount kit yet.
    Buy a shelf.

    48-port rack mount PoE switches make great shelves.

  • That is one expensive shelf!!!  ;D

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That can't be good for heat dissipation either :-)

    There will be a rack solution for the SG-8860, but for the others, any shelf will do. Preferably one that doesn't add heat. :D

  • Alright, thanks for the information.

    Thanks for the tip almabes, I'll keep that in mind  :P

    The thread may be locked, unless someone else wants to share their ideas for shelves… :)

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