[SOLVED] Multi-WAN with specific gateway for some ip

  • I'm using pfSense 2.2.2 (AMD64).

    I have 2 WAN, WAN1 & WAN2 with multi-wan and "Enable default gateway switching" enabled.

    I use 2 groups :
    MULTI_WAN (default) with WAN1 (Tier 1) & WAN2 (Tier 2).
    MULTI_WAN_2 with WAN1 (Tier 2) & WAN2 (Tier 1).

    So WAN1 is the default connection and WAN2 is used as a backup.

    But, for 3 servers, which can consume some bp from time to time, I set up a firewall rule (on my LAN interface) for them to use MULTI_WAN_2 so they would primarily use WAN2 while all the other equipment would use WAN1 :
    IPv4 * Route_WAN2 * ! LANs * MULTI_WAN_2 none

    Route_WAN2 is an alias containing the IP I want to use WAN2 by default.
    !LANs (! is to say that rule is applied for outbound traffic.

    It worked fine.

    Now, i had to mark WAN2 gateway as down, and everything went through WAN1 as excepted.
    But when I enabled WAN2 gateway again, the 3 servers would not go back to using WAN2.

    I tried refreshing the firewall rules, without luck.
    Reboot didn't help.

    Any idea ?


  • Solved. The rule wasn't the first one in the firewall, so it wasn't effective.