Bandwidth.conf deleted at each reboot ?

  • i have to monitor 2 different subnets with bandwidth

    • the one directly connected to my pfsense box 192.168.169.x
    • another using a static route behind the 192.168.169.x subnet : 10.46.x.x

    so i modified /usr/local/bandwidth/etc/bandwidth.conf and add the line : subnet

    i restart bandwidthd and it work but it seems the .conf file is overwriten after some times…
    and so it go back to the original state configured in the webconfigurator :(

    if anyone could help ? TIA!

  • That's the way pfSense is designed. Everything is created on bootup or configuration change from the config.xml from scratch. This way you have a single config file for all your services. Not sure how to hack that support in though. You probably have to modify the package itself that creates the config file to add that additional item.

  • thx, i was pretty sure about that but i was expecting a specialist to say it :)

    anyway, i found a way to customize the /usr/local/pkg/ so now even after the reboot the item i added is still loaded in the config !

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