VLANs in Pfsense

  • Hello,

    I need your help.
    I have set up VLANs for each floor (9 floors)

    Pfsense the router directly connected to HP Procurve Switch 8000m.
    The switches are linked by fiber optics to the Switch HP Procurve 8000M.
    The DHCP server address range between and

    Thank you in advance.

  • help with what exactly? you just summed up some facts about your setup, but i don't see a question.

  • The answer is 43.

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    VLANs on Pfsense
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    Thank you very much for your responding,

    I'm really sorry, I forgot the question.
    So my question is:
    how can I configure VLANs on my Pfsense?
    is there configuration on the HP Procurve 8000m and on switches which are connected to the switch HP 8000m?

    Thank you in advance

    configuring vlans in pfSense:
    -goto interfaces:(assign):VLAN  | to create you vlan's on whatever physical interface you wish.
    -goto interfaces:(assign):interface assignments  | click the <+> button  @ available network ports & select the vlan's you created.
    -enable the new vlan interfaces and set the needed ip settings (interfaces:OPT1, OPT2, OPTx, …)
    -enable dhcp if needed for all of the above

    configuring vlans in switches is needed and the procedure differs for each brand/model of switch ==> consult your manual pages of switch. (ftp.hp.com/pub/networking/software/59692320.pdf)

  • Hello,

    I'm really sorry, I did not do it on purpose.
    Thank you very much for your help.
    I will process the configuration vlans.
    I will bring you back as soon as possible.
    Thank you again.

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