IPv6 only VPN

  • Hi,

    I need to setup a Client-VPN and Site-to-Site to Pfsense, and I only have IPv6, no IPv4.
    I read possibilities to tunnel IPv6 through a IPv4 VPN, but this not an option as I dont have IPv4.
    Is there a way to accomplish that with Pfsense?

    Any pointers would be welcome.

  • IPv6 VPN should work same as IPv4 from the interface!

  • Ok, I tried again.
    Unfortunately the Client cannot connect to the PFsense server yet.

    First of all I have the following situation:

    • The Pfsense FW has a true IPV6 IP address on the internet.
    • My OpenVPN client has only IPv4, I am using Teredo to connect using IPV6 (this works Ok, can connect to internet sources using Ipv6).  Is it even possible to use a IPv6 VPN through a Teredo connection?

    I installed the VPN server and installed the client on my Win8 PC, but cannot connect at all.
    To configure OpenVPN I used the following guide: https://chubbable.com/setup-openvpn-pfsense

    What I did:

    • Setup CA
    • Installed Pfsense VPN Server certificate on PFsense
    • Created a user
    • Created a user certificate
    • installed the client export utility

    Because I cannot seem to use the Wizard (see notable things below), I create the Open VPN server manually with settings:

    • Protocol: UDP6
    • Device mode : Tun
    • Ipv4 Tunnel network address set to a fantasy Ipv4 address I do not have on the WAN interface
    • Ipv6 Tunnel network address set a real Ipv6 internet Address in the range of the WAN interface
    • Opened up  FW rules for the OpenVPN interface
    • Opened up FW rules on the WAN interface
    • Export Client Package and installed on my win8 PC.
    • It cannot connect at all. Error : "Connecting to client failed"
    • Cant find any logs on the client.
    • I dont see any traffic in the Pfsense logs when trying to connect from the client.

    Notable thing I run into:

    • When using the wizard to create a new Open VPN server, It requires me to use an IPv4 address for the Tunnel network. I only have IPV6. Error when saving: " The field 'Tunnel Network' must contain only valid ipv4 CIDR range(s) separated by commas.  " Is this to be expected?

    • When not using the wizard, I can configure an IPv6 Tunnel Network Address, but I also MUST configure a IPv4 Tunnel Network address, If I don't error: "The field Tunnel network is required." Is this to be expected?

    Please help.

  • Well, got it working.
    I tried over from another pc, which has a true IPV6 address.
    I can now setup the IPv6 OpenVPN tunnel.
    Also I can now access IPV4 resources on the LAN, Through the IPv6 tunnel.

    I gave up trying through Teredo

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