Unbound segfaults (signal 11)

  • On one of my pfSense boxes I've seen Unbound segfault a couple of times. Since pfSense doesn't seem to monitor Unbound, it will not automatically restart and will thus require manual intervention.

    Does anyone happen to know what can cause this behaviour, and/or how I can debug this?

    pfSense is running in a VM on a box with ECC memory, so I highly doubt this is a hardware issue.

    Example log lines are:

    • kernel: pid 8272 (unbound), uid 59: exited on signal 11
    • kernel: pid 22346 (unbound), uid 59: exited on signal 11
    • I think I've also seen a signal 10 once

  • Having the same problem on an sg-2440 running 2.2.2-RELEASE

    My configuration is pretty simple, no advanced settings and a couple host overrides.

    The server seems to run fine for 18-20 hours and then randomly die.  Nothing interesting in the unbound logs.

  • I've created an issue for this: https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/4808

  • Is some other event occurring at or around the time it happens? A dynamic WAN reconnection/IP change, gateway failure, anything in the system or routing logs?

  • No, nothing else going on (as seen from the logs) at the same time. Just the segfault in the system log.

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