Error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_UNSET … in Firewall Rules

  • Hi,

    I've been trying out pfSense and I really love the product. It's very very refined. It's not in use yet since I've been trying to configure everything before we switch routers. One time I had an error could not find pfsense object so I re-installed. I've had various errors where I had to change configs or reinstall. And it's only been this week. I hope that I work thru all this so we can start using it.

    This is the error I get when I try to go to Firewall Rules:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_UNSET, expecting T_VARIABLE or '$' in /usr/local/www/firewall_rules.php on line 112

    I really hope my experience so far isn't too typical. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but all I've been doing is installing and confuring squid, snort, queues, VLANs, and the firewall. Upon installation, I had one traffic shaper error where I had to rename an OPT interface back to default and again back to what I wanted before the error dissappeared. The 2nd error I forgot where I got it from (pfsense object not found). And now this. Using 1.2. Really really hope I can get this working but I'm now afraid of putting it into use and encountering more problems like this.

    Hope someone can help!

  • Your experience is really untypical. What hardware are you using for testing? Looks like your config.xml is somehow selfdestructing. Do you see anything maybe drive related in the systemlogs (status>systemlogs)?

  • This sounds like bad hardware to me.  The code in question is this:


    Its testing if the item exists and then unsets it.  What you are reporting SHOULD be impossible.  Unless someone else is on the firewall editing the same record at the exact same time using the same account.

  • Thank you very much hoba and sullrich!

    Yes the computer I'm using is really cheap. The 2nd NIC caused a Dell workstation to not even boot. Many of our computers are random clones that I don't trust too much, certainly not for a router. but I didn't much else to spare. But I was able to get a Dell with a decent 2nd NIC. Will try this all again. Thanks!

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