70% bandwidth for qwanacks still not enough?

  • I just saw, that since last reboot 1 day ~ 4 hours ago, Status -> Queues shows 125 drops in queue qwanacks, although I am already at 70% bandwidth. I thought, that max. 65% should already be enough, to prevent any drops at all in qwanacks. These are the actual queue settings:```
              0    No    830Kb qwanRoot
              0  No 14552Kb qlanRoot
              1  Yes 1 %  qwandef
              1  Yes 1 %  qlandef
    ACK      7  No 70 %  qwanacks
    ACK      7  No 25 %  qlanacks
              7  No 25 %  qVOIPUp
              7  No 25 %  qVOIPDown

    So what's wrong here?

  • I think this is a general problem with asymetrical links. I have a 16000/800 kbit/s ADSL2+ at home and if I download at full speed my upstream is almost full with ack packets only. If then other traffic comes on top it might see some drops. However 125 drops in 1 day 4 hours is really not much or better said almost nothing. I would simply just ignore it.

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