PfSense 2.2.2 - extremely slow and very unstable bootup

  • Good afternoon all you gurus,

    I have had a problem with 2 disparate computers (i386 for the first) and (i686 for the second), whereby after a power surge the system tries to reboot and starts up excessively slowly like on this video I decided to post:

    Have any of you experienced the same problem or is it unique to me? Cause this kind of slowness would cause me to want to replace the hard drive but the (i686) is a brand new computer - so every part in it is brand new. I think I will have to roll back to a previous release but I did not know how to explain this to anyone - so I video 'd it instead.

    I see loads of others experiencing problems with 2.2, anything like this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

  • this should be fixed in 2.2.2

    if its not (for whatever reason), disable the COM ports in bios

  • Nope, it is not yet fixed in 2.2.2 as this is the version I am on. I have taken your advise and yes, it is booting up fast and furious. I do not need my comms port on this machine so will leave it disabled.

    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.