Simple Question regarding default "DiffServ/Lowdelay/Upload" floating rule"

  • I setup PRIQ traffic shaping using the Wizard with all our Ringcentral devices set into the RingCentral alias. No bandwidth limits or anything set, I just wanted it to prioritize RingCentral Traffic over normal traffic.

    I made some floating rules to properly place the VOIP traffic into the right queues.

    But was wondering why the Traffic Shaper generated rule is there (The DiffServ/Lowdelay/Upload rule)?

    Should I be deleting it?.

    If I'm interpreting that rule correctly it is placing any traffic into the qVOIP queue? (Isn't that something I don't want? Why traffic shape if everything is priority 7)
    Was this rule just auto-created and intended for the user to modify it? I was reading other people's guides and they Did not have this rule created automatically for them.

  • You definitely need to delete that last rule.  Also, these phones typically use HTTP to talk to their servers, so you should probably switch the protocol from UDP to TCP/UDP.

    We just left RingCentral for FluentStream this week, strangely enough.

  • Ah thank you.

    I was trying to make sense of why such a broad rule was created by the wizard.

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