Booting still at "Starting DNS Resolver"

  • Hi all, please help, this is my first installation of pfsense.

    After booting, it just stay still at a message "Starting DNS Resolver" for very long time (more than 1 hour). How can I figure out this problem? or can I stop loading this DNS Resolver?

  • Same here…I've traded out NIC cards, drives, reloaded PFS a few times and an entirely new box.  I'm using Neoware Thin Clients with a 4GB DOM, 1GB of RAM, 1Ghz processor and Intel dual NIC.  I'm installing PFS 2.2.4  I've got this working on a few other Thin Clients with the same config but they were upgraded not freshly installed.
    Eventually it passes the "Configuring LAN interface…Starting DNS Resolver..." but it takes a very long time (up to an hour).

    kingsz1- Did you figure this out or are you using the kind of hardware I am?  What was the solution?

    Anyone else seen this or have any suggestions?

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