SMP Not working after 1.0R -> 1.2R Upgrade

  • Only seeing 1 CPU in phpsysinfo and by polling with sysctl.

    I performed this upgrade remotely and found references to some kind of prompt during the upgrade process but never saw anything. Since this was performed remotely the firewall was unreachable from the time it rebooted to the time it came up. I'm assuming that the prompt I saw mention of occurred locally while it was unreachable.

    How do I get this sorted?


  • Reupload the 1.2 update at the webgui. It will ask you after uploading the file which kernel to use before you proceed.

  • Got it. Thanks.

    For anyone else investigating this same problem, this is definitely the fix. Apply upgrade, reboot. Apply the same upgrade image again and choose multiproc. Reboot. You should be in business.

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