NTPD listed in menu but package is missing after 1.0R - > 1.2R upgrade

  • How do I force reinstall of the open ntpd package? It appears to be missing although there are 2 links to it in my menu.

  • To clarify…..

    It is not listed in the packages menus. It is however listed twice under Services Menu.

    "NTP Server" and "OpenNTPD"

    both return the following page....

    Warning: fopen(/usr/local/pkg/openntpd.xml): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /etc/inc/xmlparse.inc on line 158 Error: could not open XML input

  • It's now one of the basefeatures of pfSense 1.2 so the package is gone. The problem is that you had it installed on upgrade.

    Try the following:

    • download the config.xml
    • edit it and delete the package section for ntpd
    • reupload the config.xml (system will reboot)

    If you still have issues reapply the 1.2 upgradefile again as the package now is gone from the config.xml.

  • Yeah I got this sorted and you are correct.

    I had the actual package installed prior. Removing the package and then re-applying the 1.2R upgrade cleaned this up.

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