Tri-Wan Setup

  • Howdy,

    We are currently looking for a tri-wan solution to migrate to.  We are running right now off a Peplink and a Cisco Pix.  I personally would like to move to a pfSense box, but I need to come up with a comparison with a few other products for the bill payers.  The names I was told to look at are Astaro and Fortinet for other tri-wan solutions.

    What has been people's experiences with a tri-wan setup?  We would like to have the ability for loadbalancing and failover if possible (1 box).  Are there other vendors to throw into the mix when comparing a tri-wan setup?  Has pfSense been very reliable for 3 WANs?

    Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.


  • I'm using a 3 wan setup at our office for >1 year already and if you look around at the forum you will find a lot of people using multiwan with pfSense. Works good and reliable. Never really have used other multiwan solutions. No need to, I have pfSense  ;D

    From the pricetags you should be best with pfSense I would assume.

  • There are countless multi-WAN installs of course, and more than a half dozen installs we know of running 6 or more WANs on one box. I run two WANs myself in multiple locations.

    It's widely used, and it works.

  • Good to hear.
    To be clear in 1.2, load balancing and failover work correctly with multi-wan, but its the traffic shaper that has issues with multi-wan right?  Does it work correctly on the first wan?

  • Correct, the only thngs that doesn't work too well with multiwan is the trafficshaper (of 1.2 but this will change in 1.3, see the shaper bounty thread).

    For now the only thing that you can do is run the shaper wzard and configure the bandwidth in the following way:

    WAN upstream = real upstream Speed of WAN
    WAN downstream = Sum of all WANs (WAN+OPT1+OPT2)

    The problem with this is that the wan downstream actually is shapped outgoing on LAN. As LAN will have access to all WANs for downstream you should add all the WAN-Speeds or you won't be able to make use of the full speed of all WANs.

    This is not the optimum of course but it works better than without shaping at all on my 3 wan setup.

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