Is pfsense support portwell NAR-7090

  • Hello,

    I want to use NAR-7090 machine.
    the specification are:

    CPU,5410E,2.33 GHz,771 pin
    Front panel for 7090 (Gateway), Type A - slots A,B Open
    WD,500GB,7200 RPM,3.5", FW 02.03B02 * 2
    Lexan, 7090, X2500, AB
    4GB RAM
    Adaptec SATA/SAS RAID3405 PCI-EX . FW-15753
    Copper mudule 8 port eth
    Riser, 7090, Slot C, PCI-E8(lower), PCI-E4(Upper)
    7090 accessory kit
    Portwell,7090 ( X8, ) FTL - NAR-7090

    I have working NAR-5060 and want to replace with NAR-7090
    someone know this machine ?


  • YES.

  • pfSense is a software firewall based on x86 hardware. So any x86 hardware could be used to run it.
    Sometimes perhaps some hardware is not really or 100% supported likes and well known by many
    other operating systems also.

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