Saturated WAN = pfsense crash

  • subject pretty much says it…whenever i saturate my wan connection, my pfsense just freezes up...have to go over, pull its power, and reboot it.  Hardware should be ok, was using monowall on it for almost a year before i went to pf sense, only change is that i've added a wireless card.  Everything was fine for a few weeks, but the first time i fired up several torrents at once, down went the router.  After some experimenting, it seems to do it no matter what type of traffic i use to saturate;  tried http, ftp, torrents, always locks within a few seconds of hitting my bandwidth limit.

    To weed out the possibility of modem/line/switch problems, i hooked up my trusty old wrt54g, and it's been humming under full load for about 20 hours now with no problems.

    Anyone seen anything like this before?  Next attempt will probably be nic replacements, and pulling the wireless, since the wireless is the only hardware change from the monowall, and 10/100 pci nics are easy enough to dig up.

  • You are probably runing out of states. Try to bump up the maximum states at system>advanced. Other option, if it really crashes, is a psu that is too weak, especially as you mentioned to have added a wlan card, that now needs more power.

  • i'll try the states thing, then.  i thought when it was left to default it would add states as needed, right?  not that it really matters, i'll crank that up when i get home.

  • No, any device that "automatically adds states" when needed should not be trusted.  States require RAM.  Not every machine has unlimited RAM which would end up in a nasty situation.

    Regardless, pfSense should not "lock up" under full state situation.  It will simply stop passing new connections.

    I would check your Network interface cards.  It almost sounds like you are going down when you have high IRQ loads.

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