Routing SIP traffic over OpenVPN using different gateways

  • I am unable to route SIP audio over a point-to-point OpenVPN connection between home and work. The home network is on its own subnet ( The work network is on a different subnet ( Most internet traffic passes beautifully over the VPN. SIP calls do not.

    Calls from work (, where the PBX server is) to home ( ring the phone but do not include audio.

    Calls from home ( will not establish (the phone gateway reports no connection).

    This link is the closest I found to my situation. I generally understand my troubles may be because I am spanning two gateways. I do not understand how to fix the problem.

    My home subnet ( is easily changed. I cannot modify my work subnet. I do have essentially full control over both VPN endpoint configurations.

  • Hi

    Just checking if you found the solution to the SIP configuration, Also, what client are you using for smart phones?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Your problem is probably that and are conflicting networks.

    Nothing special needs to be done to SIP over OpenVPN.  There's usually no NAT so it's easy.

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