Huawei E3276 and pfSense 2.2.x

  • Hi
    So I have found this thread on the forum:
    It is regarding the Huawei E3276, as many ISP's in my country use it for the mobile broadband USB dongle.
    Has anyone had any luck with this on the latest pfsense 2.2.x or is there any third party driver that can be installed in pfsense for this to work?

  • It works, tested on 2.2.3. I simply followed all the steps described in wiki then manually configured init string as "Z".

  • i tried setting the init sting to Z
    but it didnt help, is there anything i am forgetting?

    Aug 6 16:20:23 	ppp: [opt1_link0] Link: DOWN event
    Aug 6 16:20:23 	ppp: [opt1_link0] LCP: Down event
    Aug 6 16:20:23 	ppp: [opt1_link0] Link: reconnection attempt 319 in 3 seconds
    Aug 6 16:20:26 	ppp: [opt1_link0] Link: reconnection attempt 319
    Aug 6 16:20:26 	ppp: [opt1_link0] CHAT: Detected Custom modem.
    Aug 6 16:20:26 	ppp: [opt1_link0] CHAT: Dialing server at *99#...
    Aug 6 16:20:26 	ppp: [opt1_link0] CHAT: ATDT*99#
    Aug 6 16:20:26 	ppp: [opt1_link0] CHAT: Invalid dial init string.
    Aug 6 16:20:26 	ppp: [opt1_link0] MODEM: chat script failed

  • First, not all modems are identical :)
    Mine has 21.XXX firmware and 4G MODEM enabled in ^SETPORT - this is a pre-requirement for running PPP connection.

    I suggest to post the whole log starting from the moment modem being detected by the kernel.

  • still trying with this,
    i set setport, but not sure what the correct parameters are,

    currently cd is disabled with AT^SETPORT="FF;10,12"

    im really not sure what im doing

    it now shows signal strength, so i am moving forward, just very slow. but still
    Cell Mode None, No Service Mode
    Cell SIM State Invalid SIM/locked State
    i am guessing this is a bug, unless the device really is not registering to network

    current firmware 21.260.03, i updated a few weeks back

  • @madoon

    Forget about pfSense for a while and test your modem on your PC. I suggest to use MDMA.
    Make sure your modem is registering on the network and you see what you expect in RAT (3G/LTE/etc).
    If everything is good - plug the modem back to the router and observe the logs.
    1. kernel log - make sure the modem is detected and port created
    2. ppp log - just check if there is a dialout attempt, note the errors (if any)