Exclude client from default dns

  • Hi,

    First of all, Im new to both pfsense and this forum. This is my problem

    All my client uses dhcp and I use opendns as default dns server for my pfsense which its blocking is in effect. Is there a way to exclude my client to use other dns server other than setting it manually on the client pc?

  • I too am new to pfSense but I can offer at least one option.

    You can add a static DHCP lease for that client and specify the DNS servers in there.

    The only catch is static DHCP clients cannot be from within the main DHCP IP pool.  But I generally prefer to have static DHCP rules for all my clients with just a small pool for potential guests.

  • Setting DNS on your PC is probably the fastest and easiest way to do it.

  • If you have client systems/people who are trying to get around your DNS by setting a different DNS in their device, then you also need to put block rules on LAN for TCP/UDP to places other than LAN IP. That will stop their changed DNS from working. You can even forward that to the DNS listening on LAN IP so that the clients can change their DNS but still really you will just send everything into the pfSense DNS anyway.

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