IP Sec Problems with Tunnel

  • Hi everybody i´m wondering a bit about my IPSec Tun.

    Here is my config Lan on the Main Site:
    Lan on the Remote Site:

    And this works!

    IP Sec is configured with static IP´s.

    But after the 24h reconnect by my ISP

    The Tun has gone and not started again.

    Anyone could help?

  • Do you have dynamic IPs on your WANs?

  • Hi Hoba,

    first: thx for that reply.

    After 3 h of debugging i found out whats going on:

    I replaced an older Linksys WRT54 GL with an embedded pfsense and keep using it as "switch".
    But i forgot to turn of the keepalive check of the PPTP VPN on the Linksys.
    So it restarted after 5 min. again and again.

    Now the tunnel is stable. And my users are happy. Finally puuuhhhh

    I´ll keep an eye on this for about 4 more hours but i think i solved the Problem.

    After all that trouble i forgot to say: pfsense on embedded systems is such a great product. keep on with that outstanding work.


  • Good to hear, thanks  :)

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