Routing and QoS for 100Mbps - how fast CPU will I need?

  • Hi all,

    I've been given an elderly Pentium 4 machine with 1GB RAM that I want to use to replace my OpenWRT router/firewall. The current router can barely keep up with QoS on a 50Mbps link, and I will soon upgrade to 100Mbps.

    I do not yet know the clock speed of the Pentium 4 I have been given, but should it be able to keep up with this? There aren't many extra services that will be installed on it, except SNMP to gather data for MRTG.

    If it won't be able to handle this, how fast a CPU am I going to need?

  • It's NIC cards that matter more than the processor.  You want Intel gigabit NICs.  The little APU they sell at the pfSense store has a 1Ghz cpu, and craptastic realtek NICs.  I have one on my 100Mb comcast connection, and it works just fine.

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